How to choose a WordPress template for your website

If you are about to develop your website or blog to start a digital business, let me warn you that you are facing a momentous moment.


If you are about to develop your website or blog to start a digital business, let me warn you that you are facing a momentous moment.

Perhaps much greater than what you perceive right now. Why?

Because your website will be your digital business card, the first thing your potential clients, followers, partners, etc. will see about you. So, if you want to present yourself in a professional way, your website will have to give that impression.

And the first step, if you develop your website with WordPress, is to choose the template on which you will build the site.

How to choose between the different options that exist and the thousands of alternatives?

I will help you find out and tell you which are my 3 favorite templates.

What is a WordPress template?

WordPress is a content management system, called CMS, that allows you to create and maintain a website.

It is one of the most efficient and robust website creation platforms out there. And it offers the advantage that you don't have to be a programmer or designer to maintain it.

WordPress works based on themes, which are the basis of the design of an entire website. And each theme has templates, which are the design of each of the pages with which the complete website is built.

WordPress themes and templates to start customizing a website can be found in various sources, as I will explain later.

And the operation with the templates is based on the choice of a specific one and its adaptation to specific needs or customization.

The usual thing is that the templates offer demo web pages already assembled, so that the effect can be seen in a real situation.

And the more advanced templates offer plugins and other resources to achieve varied functionalities in the different sections of the site.

Where to find your WordPress template?

As I have already mentioned, you can look for your WordPress template in different places.

I'm going to talk to you about the usual ones and I'm going to give you a series of recommendations. Attentive, because I hope you choose well. This is where you play it.


WordPress offers a wide repository of templates, official of the house. They are free and you have almost 8,500 themes to choose from.

The search engine offers you filters to select the characteristics and needs of what you are looking for.

You can see each of them live, through a demonstration in a real situation and thus get an idea of ​​the functionalities and how you can adapt it to your needs.

When you have chosen one, it is downloaded and you can install it on your website and start customizing the elements and adapting them according to your content and resources.

The advantages that WordPress offers you are two very important:

  • The templates are free.
  • All comply with the standards set by WordPress for fast loading and optimal operation.


There are sites for the sale of templates and resources for WordPress, marketplaces such as ThemeForest.

It is a well-known platform that has a repository of more than 51,000 records. And a wide range of multipurpose templates and prices, starting at $ 2.

The operation is simple: you select the characteristics of the template you are looking for according to the type and style of website you want to set up and hundreds of results will appear.

You can review each of them and know, in addition to the price, their specific characteristics and functionalities that they offer you.

You can also view them live, with a navigable demonstration of each of the pages and resources offered by the template.

When you have made up your mind, you just need to add the order to the cart, execute the purchase and download the template.

The next step will be to install it on your WordPress and start the adaptation and customization process with your brand, texts, images, etc.

I'm going to give you several tips on the theme of Themeforest templates:

  • Don't get excited about the preview they show you, in which everything is assembled to look wonderful. When you apply it to a particular and real case, the result is not so spectacular.
  • Be careful with these types of resources. ThemeForest violates almost all the programming standards set by WordPress. I have to warn you. Often the source code with which they are created is confusing and cumbersome. And making any change or adaptation becomes a real ordeal. And the result ends up being a website that weighs too much, does not load quickly and in which updates continually give errors.

Therefore, I do not recommend that you choose your template for your WordPress website here.


In this case, they are companies that are dedicated to the development of themes and plugins for WordPress.

The best known are Elegant Themes and Studio Press.

Elegant Themes is the creator of the Divi website builder, among others.

His topics are aimed at people who have little or no knowledge of development and programming.

They allow the customization of the template and all its elements in an agile and easy way.

In this case, you must bear in mind that you will have to pay a license to continue using the template, either annually or buy the one that covers you for life.

And this is where you should pay attention. Although it sounds interesting to have the option of being able to use all the templates and resources they offer, in practice I am sure that you will not use them, unless you are a developer.

Regarding the functionalities, I cannot deny that the result is, visually, professional and you can create a beautiful website without just touching code.

But in practice and in reality, they are templates that have great flaws in their construction and become heavy and very slow to load.

StudioPress is another great template builder. They are the creators of the Genesis Framework, the most popular thematic framework for WordPress.

Genesis is the layer of code that sits between the WordPress software and the chosen theme. There are countless templates generated through Genesis.

Their potential is that they can be fully customized. And that has made it one of the most used today.


Another alternative you have to create your website with WordPress is to have the services of a freelance web designer.

Any designer can create a template, promote it on the internet, and offer it for free, freemium, or for a specified price. With the necessary knowledge, they can do it.

Why am I telling you this? Well, because it can be a hassle to choose a WordPress template and have to change it, having produced a large amount of content and having a very different custom (for example, plugins, custom sidebars with widgets, etc.).

Make sure that the designer of your future template, in addition to having good taste, has a good reputation.

Doing so will ensure that your blog works properly, and you will have the best features and functionalities. And you will save yourself the headaches that this designer has probably already suffered.

How to find it? Today the profession of freelance web designer is one of the most used in the digital business and you have many options at your fingertips.

For now, I will tell you about these options, but at the end of the article I will explain what my preferred options are.