Sig Sauer P238 Laser Sight

The Sig Sauer P238 Laser pistol can be found in at 5 1/2 inches long and is one mean little carry weapon.


The Sig Sauer P238 Laser pistol can be found in at 5 1/2 inches long and is one mean little carry weapon. You've obtained one already as well as you're searching for the absolute best laser sight for your Sig P238 due to the fact that it someday may also conserve your life.


In this article, Sig Lasers discuss a few of our favorite lasers for Sig P238's that really merit for your daily bring weapon (a minimum of we wish that you carry daily).


The Kind of Laser You Need for Your Sig P238

Given that your Sig frequently resides in a concealed holster inside your waist, you require a laser that is going to fit your holster and additionally be powerful as well as easy to use.


Right here's what you're searching for in an excellent laser sight for your Sig P238 gun


Compact-- it's got a suit your regular IWB holster, no question regarding it.

Light-weight-- you do not want or need any type of extra weight on your hip.

Solid laser beam-- you require quality for your CCW gun, not cheap junk.

Easy to use-- no hassle, always all set when you need it laser sight.

Unlike laser sights, this laser for your P238 is most likely to have to be portable as well as essentially able to be "built-into" the weapon itself. Otherwise, we would certainly suggest something like the Sig Lasers which we evaluated right here.


Your Sig Sauer P238 Laser gun weighs just under an extra pound unloaded at 15.2 oz. so you do not necessarily desire a laser for it that's going to end up being a burden to carry.


If you don't cheap out, you'll most likely obtain a quality red or environment-friendly laser sight. Currently it's not really going to be extremely economical however you should aim to invest around $150-$ 200 on a high quality laser sight with a strong laser light beam that you can detect throughout the daytime.


Lastly, try to find a laser for your P238 that does not call for much input from you to activate. You may wish to opt for a instinctive laser sight that switches on when you place your hand on the weapon.


Since you know what to look for, here are our top choices for the best laser sight for your Sig Sauer P238 gun.


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