CV Resume Writing – Is it the Same or Is It Different?

There is no marked difference between a CV and a resume.


Learning the Difference between CV Resume Writing

There is no marked difference between a CV and a resume. They are both documents that are submitted in order to procure an interview. They both need to be written in the best manner possible. They both have rules that need to be followed when writing and should be written with the intension of providing valuable information that helps the recruiters make a selection decision in favour of you. They both may require CV resume writing assistance from a professional resume writer and 1resumewritingservice can help. In order to write a resume or a CV, knowing the similarities and differences of these two documents will be helpful.


Similarities and Differences in CVs and Resumes

Although CVs and resumes are submitted for the same reason which is to meet the initial assessment requirements of the recruiter, there are a few similarities and differences that applicants should be aware of. If applying for a job in the US, it is standard procedure to submit a resume. The CV is submitted when applying for employment in scientific, academic or research positions. In addition, CVs are submitted when applying for grants and scholarships. A CV written for the application of a job in the Asian continent or Europe and Africa will require the submission of personal information. This is not done in a CV written in the USA. Apart from this feature, a CV is longer with more emphasis placed on background information and skills.


Comparing Samples

In order to understand the difference and similarities of the CV resume writing better, applicants can also go through samples of these documents. Samples of CVs and resumes provide applicants understanding of how they should write their resumes and CVs. For example, most resumes and CVs need to follow a format. These include the chronological, functional and targeted formats. The ability to submit a well written resume will depend on the student’s knowledge of how each of these formats is used.


Information to Include in Either

A CV needs to include name, contact information, education, skills, experience, professional associations, grants, publications, awards etc. that is relevant to the position applied. Resume writers too need to follow the same pattern. They need to include contact information, job objective, career summary, experience, education and skills. It is essential to ensure that proper keywords are used when writing the resume and that it is concise and to the point. CV or resume, recruiters do not like to waste their time looking for information. Therefore, your job application document needs to ensure that information is available to the recruiter at a glance.


Many applicants get stressed out when writing CVs or resumes. They may have submitted many CVs or resumes with no response from the companies. This could be due to the ineffectiveness of the resume. These applicants will be benefited by obtaining professional resume writing assistance from a reputed resume writing company. These writers are capable of highlighting the best qualities of the applicant and portraying them in the best light.


We aon the provide excellent, professional CV resume writing assistance. As we are a resume editing service, as well as, a resume writing service, you can have your resume edited by us. With our help, thousands of applicants have submitted impressive, top-notched resumes and landed their dream jobs, thanks to the striking first impression that the resumes or the CVs achieve on their behalf.

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