If this game has taught me anything

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I honestly expected some huge changes people have been requesting, why else Animal Crossing Bells would it get multiple awards right. . ?

Because Reddit is offering a lot of these free of charge to make people believe more people are paying for them to promote more people to cover them.

It's not free coinsat least from everything I've seen. For the past couple of days I've gotten one daily arbitrary award for free to give to some pole (as an incentive to purchase coins I suppose). You can not select which award you receive and you only have 24 hours to use it. If you have been given an award token by Reddit, the"C" icon at the top right will say Free instead.

Yeah I came here hoping some shadow-dropped big upgrade, awarded the awards along with thousands of upvotes. I just feel kind of disappointed lol

If this game has taught me anything, it is the Animal Crossing community is extremely proud about acquiring any sort of attention.

If they expand on farming and then add in cooking too, that are the best time to include Brewster. My fantasy is for him to Nook Miles Ticket For Sale conduct the cafe while I get to cook/serve food into the villagers according to their tastes. Kind of like the way we used to take their coffee orders but rather Brewster does that and we do food.