As the title and description says: Basically I got everything mostly searched for in POH

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As the title and description says: Basically I got everything mostly searched for in POH (except for Canifis/Kharyll?) portal. . Now, however, I've another issue. . I need an Obelisk! Thus far I have managed to OSRS gold find some via lamps; the Summoning Skill Quest gave me loads of Gold Ones.

I've tried to"freeload" in Soul Wars win tie or lose simply to get zeal things for charms. . (fail) The only choice Im looking in is try to get my hunter up to lvl 54 and use that for Spirit Sprites. Is there anything else I might be missing? (note: I dont struggle, so simply killing creatures isnt the one I need to perform ) Hmm... just require the Obelisk and my house is complete.

For anybody who had been in the cc last night, you may know I have finally determined on woodcutting for my initial 99. I needed a skill that could not be"purchased," per se.

Here is the issue: I don't understand how to get there. Certainly, I will have to do this fast before I go mad. I was wondering, what is the fastest method that nonetheless makes decent money from 71-99? When there's a method that entails switching tree kinds or employing a different strategy, please explain it. And if you indicate the saw mill, could you explain how that works? I've been told it is excellent xp, however I'm not really certain how to do it or if it costs money.

Well I used to Old School RuneScape Gold adore woodcutting, therefore I know a small bit about it, Ivy 68-99 is the speediest but you get nothing but birds nests from it, if I were you I would do 71-85 yews 85-99 magics for $ but if you do not need A LOT of cash go yews all the way. You could also do maples however they are not worth a whole lot, maples are 100xp per log and very fast, almost as quickly as maples. Summary: If you want Cash 71-85 yews 85-99 magic. If you want No cash at all 71-99 ivy. If you'd like barely anything Willows or even Maples, Maples are far more but willows are quicker. It all depends upon what you want.