Madden NFL 20 Bowl Group-Play Results: Joke Earns Playoff Bye, Boogz Eliminated

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The Madden NFL 20 Bowl Championship started on Wednesday, and Group A completed the round robin in less than five hours.

Pod's No. 1 seed Joke won the goodbye in the first round of the playoffs and won the second place with a 2-1 point difference. Three of the four teams in each group will enter the playoffs, which makes No. 8 Boogz a strange person. He had a fiasco before and lost 41 points 0-3.

This year's competition is only online, because of the prevalence of the coronavirus, gamers can live broadcast the game on Twitch and YouTube in real time. This year's total prize pool is $ 220,000, the championship will win $ 65,000, and the second place will receive $ 25,000. The third and fourth places received US $ 20,000, the fifth to eighth places received US $ 10,000, the ninth to twelfth places received US $ 7,500, and the 13th to 16th places received US $ 5,000.

This was a showdown between Joke and Boogz, which opened the game of the day and set the tone for each player's performance. When Joke escaped with a 22-6 victory, Boogz was powerless to stop him. If Boogz had extraordinary abilities, he might not lose to Joke. It is not difficult to have extraordinary lore, MUT Coins can help you.

Joke directly advances to the quarter-finals, and Pavan will take second place in Group B of the Wild Card Round, gaining the right to play against Joke in the knockout. VoLTeRaX will play third place in Group B.

The only thing that hindered Joke and his undefeated record was the last-second mistake, which made him lose the final match in the group game against Pavan. After Pavan took security measures at the end of the fourth quarter, Joke tried to run out of time instead of continuing to attack. That stopped him near the midfield, where he chose to take a field goal to lead 12-6. Pavan got rid of the change in kinetic energy and led the team into the red zone in less than 20 seconds.

Joke claimed that when he was defending, he accidentally "run foul" instead of "pass foul" and made a comprehensive assault on Pavan, who easily hit the ball to the line of contention to reach a 7 touchdown. There are a few seconds left. The biggest feature of Madden Coins is that it allows us to win the game while following the rules.

If Boogz can win in the last match against VoLTeRaX, then Joke will rank first in Group A.