I wish I could upvote a number of times

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I can not be. Glass cleaning lockdown defender that mt nba 2k20 also shoots better than nearly all of the sf and pf. 17 badges and 75 3pt is mad to me that is 3 archetypes in one construct and it ruins NBA 2K imo. Obviously being a large man you get high ratings in the near shot and standing dip by default but the exact same should be said in regards to shooting since you're a big man, by default your shooting should be worse.

As long as u agree. Aside from that, very solid looking build. Height/weight? I left since Dwight Howard is my centre of time, a Paint Beast center construct. Such a pity having to go against Steph Curry from the rec. Yeah if a centre has a high 3 they need ton't be strong in the paint, so it's dumb my construct can manage paint beasts once I made a finesse centre.

I didn't invest VC, created 1 build when this year began. I always feel as though centres are fastest to level up. I'd love to follow in your footsteps (now running a rebounder/defender construct that gets 20+ boards a game but struggles to set more than 10 pts/game), got any tips? For me personally, jump shot 29 with quick draw gold. Set blot around selection and screens. Float to corner 3s once I can. Having all the shooting badges is enormous for my own build. Because you're capable of rebounding, use the putback badge to find some simple points after offensive rebounds.

My advice to you would be to turn meter off asap as meter lags hard within this 2K. I can not shoot no where close with it, with meter off. Also habit jumpshot creator. I feel like any shot made in custom jumpshot creator with a high% green foundation will be wetter than any normal shot. However, use 38 and 98 get custom jumpshot creator. I only get so upset I could become slightly early and marginally late every time. Can you go by feel then? How long does it take to get the custom jumper? It's tiring being a Scoring Machine which can't score lol.

I got it around a match after I began for my group. Sometime in december. Yeah custom for me is crucial to be somewhat consistent. Most ordinary shots are broken except for 38 and 98 however they are not as wet as a wonderful custom. Additionally who df you perform that lets you shoot 25 shots, and take below 50%.

I wish I could upvote a number of times because some folks simply don't understand my dude. NBA 2K or the statistics/analytics. You shot beneath.500 complete and thats total just like what was your 3's contrasted to other shots? You couldn't have won that game unless your partners picked up the slack. I expect u played hella defense, racked up rebounds the place you put yourself in offdefensively n was dishing like magic.If anybody gets past 0-9 and remains online then 2K is to blame. That and people sabotaging games is the reason I threw in the towel NBA 2K. It sucks too cause I could have definitely used some quality online basketball during this stupid quarantine.

I concur. I played with somebody who everytime he got the ballwould toss a full-court/halfcourt shot. Wish 2K would employ a vote-to-kick platform or just have better algorithms to recognize shit like that. Maybe make it a D and then they can get kicked to know how to buy mt in nba 2k20. Occasionally a player gets a C- but he isn't actually trash a couple things happened. I'd say allow the D get kicked before halftime however, you don't have to wait that long. Hey perhaps this leads to pressure to perform good so that you do not get a D. Better than current circumstance.