Cyber Security Consultant

who is a cyber security Consultant? what are their skills?


A security consultant is an information security professional who's trained to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and vacuity of data and network bias. There are numerous ways to give similar protection.


Cybersecurity consultants have been called the “catch-all information security expert” and for good reason. A day in life pulls from an all-inclusive information security skillset that ranges from beginner to expert level.


Some of the skills that you will want to have before opening up shop officially are listed below. Please note that this is just a snapshot: Depending on what path you choose, there may be others you’ll find useful or necessary as well.


Penetration Testing


This position will bear you to act as both the attacker and protector with regard to your customer’s network and security surroundings. One illustration of real-life penetration testing chops is the capability to measure the vulnerability of a customer’s operations and software.


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