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This is generally requested by childrens. We offer a wide range of inflatables for it, be it latex or foil.


Balloon Decorations In Mumbai

Imagine guests calling your birthday bash a bummer just because it looked dull and boring! Well, there is an escape with Muraad decorations, who promise to make your birthday celebration a lit with their amazing and unique balloon decoration. 

Spreading happiness with their innovative balloon decorations in Mumbai, Muraad is all set to become a household name. Not exaggerating much, let's just share our concepts.

Color or Gender Oriented Theme: Very basic yet all season hit theme from us. Here we particularly decorate the venue with one particular color, say pink or peach for girls or blue for boys. This is mostly demanded by childrens. We offer all kinds of balloons for it, be it latex or foil.

First Birthday: Idea of celebrating your baby’s first birthday is always exciting and understanding the anticipation we have some ingenious ideas. Share your ideas or try one of ours we assure to deliver the best. If you want we can even customize the balloons with your baby’s pic or name. 

Cartoons or Animation Theme: Another cool idea is to use balloons signifying your favorite fantasy or cartoon character. This theme is ideal for toddlers as well as teenagers.

Simple and Classy Birthday: If simple and classy is your idea then we have some suggestions for you as well. Our professionals can decorate your venue with our soft pastel color balloons just the way you want. Also, people who like to stand aloof can pick black, silver or golden foil balloon decoration for a more tasteful ambiance. 

Arch Shape Decoration: Might sound cliche but this is another favorite theme demanded. We make an arch from balloons of different color or any shade of your choice to make it look eye-pleasing. The arch could be as high as you demand.

Umbrella Decoration: This is quite in and looks very attractive also. If choosing an open air space then this theme will look fabulous. Choose a color and we will decorate the venue with same color umbrellas falling downwards along with glittery LED balloons. 

Surprise Birthday: Be it a venue or your car dikki we can make surprise party arrangements anywhere you say. Imagine your or your loved ones face when they open up a car dikki decorated to surprise them on their special day! We know that just the idea is exciting enough, hence do try this theme of ours.