Can Copper be replaced with Stainless Steel?

Metals such as stainless steel and copper have played a very significant role in the development of the industrial sector. The range of benefits they provide is tremendous and each one of them has its own unique properties. The plumbing industry also uses stainless steel and copper for the

Stainless Steel - Stainless steel is made up of chromium alloy. Stainless steel is distinguished by its ability to resist rust and corrosion. Iron, which comprises the majority of steel, rusts very easily. Stainless steel plumbing fittings is doing really well in plumbing applications.

 Copper- Copper is a ductile metal of the group.  It is also a good conductor of heat and electricity. Usually found in the free metallic state in nature and is reddish in appearance. Due to its good conducting powers, it is used in making water pipes and tubes. 

Stainless steel has been known for its corrosion resistance for years now which makes it more preferable to copper.

 Major Differences-

 Cost Effective- Copper pipe fittings can be quite expensive and make the plumbing service budget out of reach. With the right set of budget, stainless steel is easily accessible.   

 Temperatures- Copper pipes cannot withstand cold temperatures, which may lead to leaking in pipes which will, in turn, result in repair costs. Maintenance of copper pipes with the changing seasons would be really hectic. Stainless steel is really suitable for all types of temperatures and does not leak easily. 

 Conducive in nature- Copper might be a reliable conductor of heat and electricity but it is not conducive to water with higher acids content. In addition, steel fittings are very tolerant of water and can handle the acid or chlorine in the water. 

 Corrosion- In terms of corrosion resistance, copper has no chance to win over stainless steel. Copper is not conducive to corrosion, so its pipe corrodes easily. Stainless steel, especially 316L steel, has high resistance to corrosion, mainly because of the chromium and molybdenum content in it. 

 Wielding- Welding copper pipes or fittings is really difficult for many manufacturers this is why they prefer using Stainless Steel pipes and fittings for manufacturing and supplying purposes as it is much smooth to weld. It does not take much time with stainless steel however it can be hectic with copper to keep it maintained. 

 You can replace copper pipes with stainless steel pipes for a variety of reasons. It will make your life much easier and less hectic, and it will also keep your budget intact if you find the right company. 

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