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in the Artwork Archive? Do you sell bags? Mugs? Posters? They can be tracked easily


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There is also the possibility of earning revenue through other sources. For instance you might think about renting, licensing or selling merchandise. Each of these can be tracked in Artwork.



Sell merchandise to boost your brand

Did you know you can keep track of runs and reproductions in the Artwork Archive? Do you sell bags? Mugs? Posters? They can be tracked easily dailytechnologystudy daily technology study Website daily technology study com dotechnology do technology Website do technology co uk guidetechnology guide technology Website guide technology us

Artwork Archive provides reproductions and sales. It's even better since you can sell and share these items with ease using the Public Profile or embed.


You can access our Discovery platform and your website.


A CRM is crucial for the art collection database of your non-profit organization.


There are a lot of moving pieces to orchestrate within your arts nonprofit-exhibitions, permanent collection management, donor relations, etc.


Wouldn't it be wonderful to consolidate all of your artwork, contacts and other tasks into one central database? Imagine how easy it would be to manage your business


They could be.